Eight Best Ways to Get Lowest Credit Card Rates

Although affordable rates can be a good thing, low interest credit cards can be a challenge. People who get the rock-bottom rates usually have strong credit scores, usually around 720. If you are able to build up an excellent credit, then you are in the driver’s seat, however most cardholders can find other ways to get the best credit card deals. These are several different avenues of obtaining a lower rate, and it’s surely worth trying them all:

1. All you save will be entirely yours. The longer you delay the payment, the more money you will give to your issuer. There are plenty of banks that will agree to give you good terms and rates. Just start looking for those credit options.

2. Write down all the information on the first card that looks appealing, and compare it with others as you gather the pertinent information on all cards. Just make sure to read the offers thoroughly to be sure you know about a deal. Is it an ongoing (permanent) rate or simply an introductory “teaser” rate? Any great perks to be had?

3. Read all offers from issuers. A few real gems can get concealed among the worthless junk, including certain offers that are exclusively advertised by mail. You could even find an offer on balance transfer without any expiration date, it means that the rate will stay the same until you pay your balance in full.

4. Find certain best offers online. Either visit each individual card issuer’s web site or use CardRatings.com to easily search a comprehensive, latest listing of low-rate card offers from various issuers.

5. Pick up the phone and call issuers immediately. You might get some offers that aren’t being sent through direct mail or online. It would be sensible to call when you are familiar with those offers, because a few customer service representatives don’t appear to know much about the details of their credit card offers.

6. Check with regional or local banks. These smaller financial institutions often offer some of the finest rates available; you could save the most on the Main Street. One likely drawback is that although you could find the customer service more appealing and they often use very selective approval standards in deciding who should enjoy their super-low-rate cards and the offered credit lines are usually less than $10,000. (Bigger banks usually offer more lines.)

7. Use credit unions, which often offer attractive rates. Additionally, their fees are usually lower. Credit unions usually don't offer low introductory rate, but they tend to have lower ongoing rates than most banks. If you are registered with a credit union, check if it offers a card. If so, obtain the rate details and make some comparisons. Not a member yet? Go to joinacu.org and see if you are eligible. Many have upgraded their membership criteria.

8. Make sure to research credit card offers nonprofit organizations and from associations. Whether it’s a labor union, or an alumni group, you could find a really amazing deal.

The bigger groups usually have more muscle and may negotiate more advantageous terms for their members and affinity credit cards are also definitely worth considering.

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